Lloyds TSB

Since ZZA's first commission from (then) Lloyds Bank to evaluate Phase 1 of its new Bristol building in 1990, Lloyds TSB continued to work with ZZA in a structured way, leveraging our expertise in workplace optimisation, within the context of the bank's strong focus on cost management and workspace that supports operations.

This involves serial studies of Lloyds TSB buildings in use, in a wide range of locations - from premium City of London HQ space, through provincial urban centres to out of town, with each set of outputs informing future specification and procurement. The bank's attentive use of ZZA's outputs achieved subsequent projects' close alignment with user expectations.

Recognising the changing cultural context of work and the workplace, Lloyds TSB commissioned ZZA to re-assess their workspace. The objectives were ensuring that this performed well, related to external trends, and promoted staff attraction, retention and productivity. ZZA's systematic empirical evaluations and spatial analyses of client buildings and comparators, covering office and call centre typologies, informed the recalibration of standards.

With ongoing evolution in technology and workplace culture, ZZA benchmarked leading space management practice to introduce agile working in the bank. Over the decades, our sequential 'revisits' of the original Bristol building show the building's life time potential to be used and managed in diverse and iterative ways.