Stanhope Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park is an award-winning ‘mid-urban’ office campus with an innovative masterplan incorporating mixed uses and a very high standard of landscaping. ZZA has worked on Chiswick Park since its early days.

Between the development of Phases 1 and 2, we undertook research with the architects, engineers, cost consultants and varied trade contractors, learning lessons for future design and construction procurement. Following occupancy of the initial building, we focused on business leaders and facilities managers, to establish how the park was supporting occupiers’ business operations, and identify additional benefits it might offer.

Since its substantial completion, we have done sequential studies with a wide range of users, evaluating the park’s location, campus design, specific buildings, and on-site services. The data is instructive in endorsing Chiswick Park’s ambitions, and highlighting the influence of cultural change on users’ needs and aspirations for workplace and lifestyle.