PwC are industry leaders in workplace strategy and smart use of resources. The firm enlisted ZZA in developing a strategic framework for its Future Working Environment. We engaged in structured discussions on property, technology, staff and culture with senior partners, middle management and internal services. Our research with younger staff highlighted future-facing issues.

Next we applied the approach with PwC's Birmingham practice, to consolidate operations from two existing buildings into one. ZZA explored business aims, researched work practices and spatial arrangements, and proposed a basis for achieving more from less.

The outcome at Cornwall Court harnesses productive use of technology, agile working, activity-based settings, support services and management protocols. The real estate savings provided rapid payback on project cost. The new adjacencies, well aligned workspace, collaboration and client facilities promoted business development, out-performing projections, which PwC attributed to the change. The project won the BCO 'Best of the Best' Award as a workplace solution, and became the platform for change in PwC.

The story continues. PwC's team credit the ongoing roll-out - as at their fine new building at 7 More London - to the principles and processes learned from ZZA. And given that young people are a continually moving target, ZZA led a 'noughties' update on PwC's Future Working Environment with participants in the firm's Emergent Leader's programme.