Cisco’s business is communication. To accommodate growing business without expanding real estate, the company seeks the space efficiency that effective use of technology can enable. ZZA has supported Cisco in this objective via a staged sequence of work, presented with Cisco at Corenet’s London sustainability summit.

First we reviewed a pilot project at London’s Bedfont Lakes – evaluating the concept, furniture, layout and design, technology, space management and the communication of change, relative to work activities and practices. We applied the outputs to enhancing the pilot space and to the follow-up phase. Focusing on a larger footprint and engaging with the business, we formulated a strategic brief, reviewed the iterative design proposals, enlisted client and user reaction, and generated agreed protocols for use. The outcome is efficient, celebrates Cisco’s brand, and provides effective space for individual work and collaboration.

To support Cisco’s roll-out of mobility across regions, ZZA then authored a Change Management Roadmap. Liaising with Cisco people responsible for workspace delivery in many countries and leveraging our experience of Cisco’s operational modes, we set out strategies and tactics for workplace transformation that align with Cisco culture and practices.