Project teams tend to focus on given buildings, but every building user has a wider life - inside the given building and in myriad places beyond. How people negotiate urban space and organise their activities in manageable and rewarding ways is key to successful development.

From Ziona Strelitz's early co-authorship of seminal books - 'Fathers, Mothers and Others' and 'Leisure Provision and People's Needs' - through all ZZA's workplace studies, we have maintained an active research focus on work-life integration. ZZA continuously researches empirical realities of urban living, proposing how appropriate built environment responses can contribute to efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyment.

With UCL's Bartlett School, we produced 'Getting it together: The work-life agenda and offices' and 'Family-friendly offices: The policy, practice and legislative context'.

ZZA's pivotal report, 'Liveable lives', draws from our wealth of workplace research. It highlights the strains of long commutes, and proposes the benefits that working close to homes can bring to individuals and employers, leveraging technology and third party space to promote productive operations and sustainable living.

ZZA's well grounded perspectives on these issues are voiced in frequent presentations - to HR, corporate property, professional colleagues and academic audiences.