Intelligent + green development

Energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are clearly central to sustainable development, but the agenda is much wider. ZZA's holistic approach incorporates efficient space use and lean, durable design as key factors. Critically, as the role of built space is its use by people, green and intelligent development should facilitate quality of life - for individuals and communities. And none of this is feasible without economic sustainability.

ZZA's rich experience in Design Anthropology, and our long record of successful working with developers and occupiers, informs our appreciation of challenges to be addressed and opportunities to add value. Our input to projects that optimise both commercial and social value has contributed to path-breaking successes for clients like PwC, and Parabola at Kings Place - from which the exemplary lessons are analysed in 'Energy People Place: Sustainable Urban Paradigm'.

ZZA's extensive involvement in Asia includes participation in the expert deliberations on green and intelligent buildings convened by Chinese government's Ministry of Housing and Urban Development since 2005, our co-leadership of the Urban Planning + Design workstream on the UK-China study to Progress Eco-city Policies into Mainstream Chinese Practice (2012), and Ziona Strelitz's teaching on University of Hong Kong's Masters in Interdisciplinary Design Management. ZZA is actively engaged with the Ecological Sequestration Trust and its pioneering programme to measure resource flows in demonstrator city regions in India, Africa, China and Europe, and model proposed interventions through the Trust's unique agent-based model.