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As alert analysts, ZZA track evolving cultural and spatial modes being forged by the far-reaching and ongoing changes in demography, ICT and globalisation.

Our path-breaking research on the interplay between technology and physical place identifies key factors that shape people's choices as they negotiate daily life. Our distinctive focus on the sequence of spatial scales - interiors, buildings, neighbourhoods, cities - plus our long-standing attention to all life domains - work, family, leisure - give ZZA's research outputs and strategic views a robustness that people relate to as representing their real life scenarios.

ZZA's extensive research and expert reviews cover a rich repertoire of diverse buildings and settings, providing continuously evolving knowledge of conditions that bring uses and users together in value-adding, efficient, sustainable ways.

ZZA's international work widens the geographic pool of influences and solutions that we bring to the frame, recognising trends in Asia, Africa, Australia, US and Europe, and promoting a multi-directional flow of ideas and knowledge. Our seminal report on third place working: 'Why Place Still Matters in the Digital Age' covers research in the US, UK, France, Hong Kong and India.

Ziona Strelitz's writing on 'The Changing Patterns of Living and Working' in the influential book 'Intelligent Buildings' has invited sustained interest in China. The revised second edition captures the immense cultural change since the original edition: available this year.

Tracking dynamic social context