Activity-based Working

All ZZA's workplace research adds to our rigorous evidence base on the activities involved, the tools and settings to support them productively, and arrangements that mesh work with organisations' visions and individuals' lives. In parallel, ZZA's engagement with the workplace supply chain - as clients, peers and partners - fuels our appreciation of the drivers involved in delivering and managing workspace.

ZZA's work - from strategic research through change management to post occupancy evaluation - is aimed at closer alignment between users and space providers. Addressing today's widespread concerns for efficiency and effectiveness, we factor in the full potential of space to work - not just desks and workstations, but the diverse range of locations and settings that can support productive activity: in the office, on the move, for solo and collaborative work, formal and informal.

Our recent report: 'Increased Productivity at Lower Cost', is based on ZZA's series of studies with business leaders and staff in big organisations that have embraced innovative workplace solutions. It poses industry challenges on the frequently untapped scope for responsive, cost-effective workplace resourcing through activity-based working and fresh thinking on building use.