Sectors + uses

ZZA works across a wide range of sectors: government, education, media, technology, professional services, policing, financial services, not for profit, residential and commercial development.

This spectrum underpins our knowledge of sectoral specifics, as well as our recognition of commonalities in contextual change and operation across respective business cultures. The rich range of solutions we review informs ZZA's insight into useful potential for wider application of productive practices, and contributes to the repertoire of references which we can call on and share.

ZZA was commissioned by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment to research 45 case-study exemplars across building typologies. ZZA's detailed references on workplace buildings are enriched by Ziona Strelitz's role as a National Judge of the British Council for Offices Awards, for eleven consecutive years from 2005, entailing visits and review of a wide range of occupants and accommodation solutions.

The breadth of learning is distilled in 'Buildings that feel good', Ziona Strelitz's book of 20 selected case-studies analysing transport, industrial, office, leisure, sport, retail and theatre buildings, providing lessons for briefing and a design action agenda.

Cross-sectoral knowledge enrichment