Distinctive view

ZZA's niche is Design Anthropology, developing knowledge on how the built environment can shape how people 'live, work and play' and applying this to enhance new and existing places and settings.

We inform projects with rigorous and effectively scoped research, awareness and sensitivity to different constituencies, and understanding of social structure, dynamics, locations, buildings and space.

Established in 1990 by Ziona Strelitz, ZZA draws on her roots in Social Anthropology, Town Planning and Interior Design, her distinctive record of research on the built environment and quality of life, and extensive engagement with different disciplines and knowledge domains through her wide ranging academic and expert panel roles. Our team is drawn from social science and built environment disciplines. Ziona leads ZZA's work, directs and participates in its research, and informs its viewpoints through her national and international activities.

ZZA provides the integrated thought, language, questions, evidence and recommendations to enhance projects and support client teams with well grounded attention to people's aspirations and needs.

360° sustainability - physical, environmental + social