Approach + Methods

ZZA's pioneer approach to design ethnography is distinct in its systematic and descriptive qualities. Our work is known for its authentic capture of empirical user experience, and its succinct distillation of project essence and key issues.

ZZA's skilled design in structuring research and framing questions are key methodological strengths. For each assignment we formulate an instructive and cost-effective plan to address the inquiry. We draw from our repertoire of approaches and methods to inform and test the emergent picture - through interviews, forums, workshops, charettes, observations and virtual engagement, as appropriate. We're effective in building representative models with small samples, and experienced in enlisting large data sets when the project scale or organisational drivers call for widespread inclusion.

ZZA's analyses focus on measurement, themes, and interpretation - generating the critical information for understanding and future action. Our quantitative outputs help clients to 'size' issues, user preferences, and opportunities at hand. Our qualitative outputs illuminate the attendant 'why's' - not just how people rate conditions, but what matters to them, the rationale and associated sentiments. The outputs help reveal demand and potential, and ZZA's expert interpretations provide the language and illustrations to promote responsive solutions, informed by our depth and breadth of experience in identifying factors and strategies for forward action.

Generating outputs that stick