News: Summer 2018

The future of work + the workplace

Ziona Strelitz chairing Worktech Paris 2018. Important topics, including: neighbourhoods; neuro-arhcitecture + multi-sensory design. Great speaker line-up. Great venue: WeWork Lafayette.

Student space: researching informal environments

Building on our rich repertoire of research in student spaces, ZZA has evaluated a new Student Union building at University of the West of England's large Frenchay campus (29,000 students). Like ZZA's Post Occupancy Evaluations of other informal student environments, this covers the the building's mosaic of functions + spaces, how they're used + what they're like to operate. The expanding repertoire of these studies enriches our insight and the scope to compare across case-studies. Learning from our Post Occupancy Evaluations of two other informal student environments - the LSE's Saw Swee Hock Student Centre and of LSE LIFE - were presented in May at The Design & Management of Learning Environments Conference.

Analysing design evolution: process review

ZZA is reputed for our work on Post Occupancy Evaluation - researching building performance after construction. A separate knowledge strand concerns the process of building realisation. Furthering ZZA's previous research on design + construction procurement, and our writing on design management, we are currently undertaking a process review with Grafton Architects + other core disciplines in the team producing the LSE's new Paul Marshall Building on Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Out + about: learning from the Nordics

One of ZZA's strengths has always been the breadth of reference buildings we leverage from our comparative research, judging awards + international visits. Our continued investment in our pool of exemplars + good practice includes valuable ideas from recent trips to the Nordics.

The LSE's future Paul Marshall Building by Grafton Architects, © Grafton Architects (top left); demolition works to prepare the site (left, second from top); library, Aalto University, Helsinki © ZZA (left, third from top); meeting spaces projecting over the central street, IT University, Copenhagen
© ZZA (bottom left). Wonderful student housing, Tietgen Dormitory, Copenhagen (right, top + second); Maersk Tower
- outdoor seating area leading from restaurant (right, third) + the light-filled restaurant for staff + students (right bottom),
all © ZZA

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