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Best in class workspace

The nature of workspace changes with the impacts of technology and cultural change. With its rich range of public, private and third sector enterprises, London is a crucible of evolving practice. As the Expert Assessor for New London Architecture's recent 2017 Workplace Awards, Ziona Strelitz engaged with the rich array of design and practice evidenced by 32 submissions of leading workplaces that variously accommodate a range of just seven to 3500 people.

Expert Review: harnessing research knowledge

Evidence-based research informs next steps on given buildings that are studied, but the accumulated repertoire of knowledge from many successive studies affords a valuable resource to analyse any building. It is this that ZZA is called on to apply in our expert assessments of workplaces - both existing and proposed. Currently we've been providing this service on two public sector office campuses, generating output to guide the occupier organisation in aligning their space with evolving business requirements as the influences of technology, demography and cultural change alter work practices and user expectations.

Tall buildings: changing perspectives

Well before the sharp refocus on tall building design prompted by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, ZZA has been re-evaluating the urban issues relating to tall typologies. Developing the thinking she first presented to the Seventh International Conference on Tall Buildings at University of Hong Kong in 2009 - 'Tall buildings' contribution to sustainable urbanisation + growth: less take, more give', Ziona led the introduction to the final week of the IDBE Master's course at Cambridge University, with a synoptic overview and critique providing briefing considerations for tall building design.

Presenting New London Architecture's 2017 Award for best Unbuilt Workplace to Spring Place, Ziona Strelitz with the architects Piercy&Company, at NLA's splendid event at London's Guildhall (top + upper middle © Agnese Sanvito). The winning project, Spring Place, demonstrating exemplary urban intensification with finely lit workspace ideal for co-working or smaller organisations, on a tight site close to a rail connection in North London (lower middle + bottom © Piercy&Company)

Small workplaces are important to economic growth and sustainable lifestyles, but some workplaces are necessarily big. ZZA's previous news featured Sky's new HQ at Osterley, and amongst its range of accolades, Sky Central has now also won this year's NLA Awards for the best Built Workplace. The large building by HASSELL, AL_A and PLP Architecture offers a sense of fluidity in its circulation and sight lines, provides excellent daylight, affords human scale through a range of varied work settings - many enriched by imaginative use of plants, and promotes walking - realising today's agenda for 'Active by Design'. (left, top, middle + bottom © ZZA Responsive User Environments).

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