What makes for campus quality?

Previous ZZA research demonstrates that students care about the quality of their physical campus. Over the last few years, the LSE have developed a range of new buildings and settings. ZZA is researching how the evolving fabric shapes student perception and experience of the campus environment.

Briefings + study tours

The UK abounds with instructive built environment practice. ZZA continues to provide bespoke briefings and study tours, geared to delegates' interests, and drawing on our breadth of knowledge across spatial scales - urban infrastructure, estates, buildings and interiors.

Keynote in Brazil

Invited as the international keynote speaker at SBQP - SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE QUALIDADE DO PROJETO NO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, 19-21 August 2015, Ziona Strelitz drew on findings and design directions from ZZA's extensive research in her presentation on 'Evidence-based design'.

Commitment to relevant design

Every architect agrees that learning from building users should be central, but few follow through to action.

Grimshaw are an exception. Showing confident openness to independent user feedback, they have commissioned ZZA to undertake independent Post Occupancy Evaluation of their delivered design.

With two of their new buildings on University of Southampton campus now complete and in occupation, ZZA is evaluating the Global Technology Centre for Lloyd's Register's Marine business.

Ziona Strelitz chairs

'Workplace: Retaining London's talent': New London Architecture conference, Wednesday 30 September

Future of London

'Creating resilient town centres', Tuesday 23 June, Ziona Strelitz chair, 'Working with complex places'

London Festival of Architecture: What to design FOR?

London leads as a context for agile work. As part of the LFA programme, Ziona Strelitz, William Fawcett + Phil Steadman debate the relative roles of mathematical modelling + ZZA's empirical user research to inform provision of work settings. Booking for Agile working in the city: Algorithms vs spontaneous choice at Kings Place, Thursday 18 June, 7.00pm

Briefing talks

ZZA is responding to wide-ranging invitations to share our distinctive practice perspectives.

Briefing presentation by Ziona Strelitz in the RIBA Future Leaders' programme on Integration: Whole Life Design, and Workplace Interaction: Empirical Realities; Busting Industry Mantra.

Forward steer: evolving urbanism

The new organisation, Historic England, has spawned from English Heritage. Ziona Strelitz is a member of its Urban Panel which provides expertise to help local authorities, development agencies and others engage in major regeneration of historic towns and cities.

Wisdom before the event

Derwent are recognised for continual innovation in delivering high quality, relevant property projects that offer what occupiers value.

Extending their forward-looking approach, they have commissioned ZZA to pre-evaluate major London projects from key user perspectives before they are built.

The projects are White Collar Factory in Shoreditch, by AHMM,
+ 80 Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, by Make. Both are block-wide mixed use schemes; both integrate retained + substantial new elements.

Workplace : Work-life : Workplace innovation

A distinctive thread of ZZA's approach is our holistic grasp of work-life experience, as a basis for responsive workplace solutions.

The ESRC has convened a seminar series to address the important questions of Work-life Balance in the Recession + Beyond.

The next focuses on Workplace Innovation - Ziona Strelitz is presenting on The Physical Workplace: Supply Side Assumptions + User Realities. The event is dedicated to pioneer Rhona Rapoport, valued colleague + co-author in a foundational phase of Ziona's career.

ZZA are working on deeply engaging projects that pose the key questions we help clients address:

How can the scheme be more satisfying for its users?

How can it be more rewarding for its promoters?

How can it be more productive for the community?

We are:

  • Pre-evaluating two major mixed use London schemes before they're built
  • Inputting to a mixed use campus mater plan
  • Distilling lessons learned from a decade+ of research with the varied users of academic spaces to apply to forward development
  • Researching the factors that really make a difference to innovation and collaboration in R+D settings.

A great outlook for 2015 - for ZZA, our clients + colleagues!

Study tour of key London settings; sharing the contrasts. The Gherkin as backdrop to Ai Weiwei bike sculpture (top right); swimming pool at Kings Cross - UK's first ever man-made fresh water public bathing pond (second right); part of Finnish delegation with Ziona Strelitz, following presentations at City Hall (third right)
Second left + third right: Galleries in the wonderful contemporary garden of Inhotim, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
fifth: Kindred spirits: academic colleagues at SBQP (absent from the pic - gracious conference host) External terrace and interior of new Global Technology Centre for Lloyd's Register's Marine business (sixth + seventh), and clustered with adjacent University of Southampton building (eigth), both designed by Grimshaw;
industrial aesthetic in interior of the tower at White Collar Factory (© AHMM - ninth; tried + tested, mock-up of interior (© Tim Soar - tenth);
The Leadenhall Building (bottom - © Jason Hawkes)

Highlights 2014

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