ZZA address all our assignments with tailored inquiry, framed with our knowledge of social dynamics, locations, buildings and space, and with sensitive awareness of relevant constituencies – developers, investors, planners, client teams, business leaders, building users, local communities, and asset managers.

For each project we formulate an instructive and cost-effective research plan, using most appropriate methods to inform and test the picture. These include interviews, forums, workshops, charettes, observations and online engagement.

ZZA’s user research is based on structured ethnography. We formulate questions to produce valid outputs reflecting how participants experience key aspects of the space. Our analyses focus on measurements, themes and interpretation. Our quantitative outputs help clients to ‘size’ any issues, user preferences and opportunities. Our qualitative outputs provide the ‘why’s’, going beyond the metrics of user ratings, to the reasons and sentiments behind their choices.

Our reports identify preference and potential, backed by evidence, skilled interpretation, plus ideas and wider examples to promote responsive solutions and forward action.